B2B membership information

Bamboo 500 has three sections that focus on b2b. Each of these sections have been created with different business needs in mind.

  1. Cyber Mall

    • Cyber Mall is a platform for businesses to connect to each other to do global trade. After completeing the application process, each company or manufacturer will be given a page where they can list their offers to buy or sell. This platform is perfect for eatablished businesses looking to expand their horizons.
  2. Business opportunities

    • Business opportunities is a set of resources curated for you by our expert team. We have gathered educational and informative resources about different aspects of business to aid small or established businesses to develop a more robust base and have access to a database of relevant information.
  3. Shark 500

    • Shark 500 is where entrepeneurs bring their ideas to be connected to investors. After applying with us, our team will match you with a few investors with interests in your idea.

Each section will have it’s own membership fee, but here’s the wonderful part! For the first year you may have access to one of these platforms for FREE!!!

If you purchase membership to two or more of the platforms you may be eligble for a discount!

Application form Below

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The form below is the first step in joining our B2B section! Fill out the form and in a couple days our team will contact you with more tailored information to meet your business’ needs.

Introductory Membership Application
Please fill out this form. A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours with more information tailored to your needs.