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Welcome to Bamboo 500, your number one source for all quality products. Furniture, Lighting Décor, and accessories Fashion Outdoor furniture and related accessories rugs, toys, and children furniture Wine and wine furniture and accessories and a whole lot more our list are expanding daily. We’re dedicated to giving our customers the very best of all sorts of products from various selected suppliers, with a focus on dependability, the uniqueness of our products and customer service. Bamboo 500 is a way for entrepreneurs with ready-to-ship products to sell directly to customers. Bamboo 500 is a hub for millions of early adopters searching for interesting gadgets and innovative items. Our goal is to offer a diverse group of great products with exceptional quality.
Please tell us about you and your products and get started selling by filling the application above.

Our #1 requirement in product quality.

Bamboo 500 is an outlet for entrepreneurs with ready-to-ship products to sell directly to customers and expand their sales.

We are a hub for millions of early adopters searching for interesting products and innovative items.

Our mission is to showcase a thoughtfully curated selection of brands for our customer, so we’re looking for partners who share in our passion and uphold our standards for quality products and experience.


Our Best Services

Bamboo 500 has a large collection of furniture and accessories.
Our company is directly involved in production of our products. We have a very strict quality control in all stages of production and products are constantly being tested to stand the test of time.


Bamboo 500 is involved in the manufacturing process and employs a team of people who are responsible for inspecting the product before it is listed in our site and offered to our consumers.

High Quality Design

Our designs are the product of months and sometimes years of research in consumer and market trends with the consumer in mind.


We interact with our customers both in B2B and B2C departments through social media and also questioners that we email our clients.
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How It Works

Step 1

Download and complete our application and email it back to us.

Step 2

Email your product pictures and specifications if the number of products that you are offering are many contact us and we will refer you to a link where you can submit your information through a cloud-based system.

Step 3

Approving your application might take up to one month, if you are approved to sell on our site we will arrange for one of our agents to visit your facility to inspect and finilize the process.

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